Remarkable Grad Scholarship Spotlight: Dyrell Mack

(Camden, NJ) –

The Remarkable Grad Program is a renewable 4-year scholarship for students in Camden, sponsored by Subaru. The program  provides promising students in Camden financial assistance to achieve their higher education goals. The Camden Schools Foundation participated in the program in 2017 and 2018  and has kept in touch many of the scholarship winners.

One of the recipients, Dyrell Mack class of 2017, returned to tell us how the scholarship has aided him throughout his past three years at Bloomfield College.  

A graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School and now a rising senior at Bloomfield, Dyrell has benefitted from his scholarship every year.  With his scholarship funds, Dyrell was able to alleviate some of the stress of paying for expensive textbooks,  school supplies, and electronics. He explained to us that “these funds are a quarter of the reason why I’m entering my senior year of college”. 

Dyrell advises college-bound Camden students to “take as many job opportunities as you can before college to build your resume, and to choose what you want to do – while also deciding what is best for you”.  At times in your college career, “you may feel this attitude of not liking or enjoying your career path…it is always best to follow what you want and to make sure that your career/goal has many job opportunities.”    

Dyrell would like to thank all those who made this scholarship possible, especially Subaru and the Camden Schools Foundation. Without it, he said he is not sure how he would have paid for some of these essentials and fears that it would have impacted his GPA significantly. 

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