Interview with Hall of Fame Honoree – Scott “Big Scott” Shepherd

Scott Shepherd is a local Camden legend. He is the founder of Big Scott Entertainment and has worked countless hours stimulating the economy and enhancing the image of the South Jersey area as an event destination.  We are delighted to celebrate his achievements and to have him join the Camden Schools Foundation Hall of Fame on May 20th!

The Camden Schools Foundation sat down with Scott to find out more about his thoughts on the Hall of Fame, his legacy of service, and his advice to the students in Camden. 

What does being honored by the Camden Schools Foundation mean to you?

It’s an honor to be honored by the schools that I went to and it’s a big achievement. To go through the system and be able to give back to a community that really needs it — and to be honored by an organization like this one that works with young people —  is again a big honor. 

What do you hope your legacy of service will be for future generations?

At the end of the day, it’s just great to be able to leave a footprint in the city of Camden doing what I love to do. To be able to achieve the things I’ve done in 55 years to know that I was one of the guys that needed help and now to be the one giving back, it’s a wonderful thing. I’m so happy to be able to do it, knowing where I come from that I’m still here. Giving people hope that if they put their mind and soul to it they can do it. 

We all have an obligation to do our part in the community. And in a community that has the problems that ours has, it’s disheartening to see some people move to another community when they could be putting that energy here instead. My thing was always to stay close to here and do my part. 

What are some of the greatest lessons serving the Camden community has given you?

Sometimes it’s just rough when you give back or you do what you do and a lot of times people don’t see it. Sometimes people can be unappreciative which is the negative thing I’ve learned. But overall there’s a lot of love out there too. If you give back folks will recognize what you do and they will be helpful. I like being able to call people to tell them what I’m doing and appreciate it when they help out and step up.

What wisdom would you like to share with the youth in Camden today?

I think a lot of young people don’t realize the potential of the good things they could do. The bottom line is if you really roll up your sleeves and put the time into something there’s the possibility of it working. It’s no secret what I’ve done. I work hard and it’s a reward when you put time into it. I think a lot of young people want to celebrate before they get the work done and I try to tell them that it doesn’t work that way. Stick to what you really want. Don’t be scared to put in the overtime. 

Who would you like to thank who has helped you reach your goals? 

I mean wow. There are so many people. It’s hard to only thank one or two people and leave someone out. But of course, I have to thank my family and friends and the people who are close to me, and those that have always been there for me.